Finding True North

Find Your True North with Terry

Find Your True North with Terry

We are all born to create and have an inner compass designed to point us toward our true direction. I call this your “true north.” But if this is true, why do so many feel adrift in life and in creativity?

Sometimes it’s because distractions prevent you from finding your true north. Sometimes the voices of others drown out your inward voice. Sometimes you just stop believing in your true direction, if you ever believed at all.

I believe that it’s vital for you to find your true direction and then have the courage to follow it. I also believe that everyone is called to be a creative regardless of how your creativity manifests itself in your life, your work, your art, your play and in your family.

You have a story. Finding true north is designed to help artists discover their stories and tell them in the way only they can, regardless of what medium through which they choose to express them.

What are your true direction and your true story? Join Terry at Finding True North. We’ll work together, one-on-one to get you started in the right direction and then work together on your stories to make them the best they can be.