What If I’m NOT A Writer?

What OBSTACLES GET IN THE WAY of your creative dream?The Classical Guitar Stylings of Gerald Stulc

Our intention is to help YOU follow the path that allows your creative passion to become part of your everyday life.

Some of the Toughest Challenges Creatives Face:

  • Life is too hectic
  • We procrastinate
  • Self-doubt gets in the way – we’re not sure we have anything to say or that we can say it well enough
  • We want to create, but it takes so much emotional energy to go there
  • We feel guilt when we’re not creating
  • We feel guilty for not spending that time with our families
  • None of my friends “get it”
  • We can never seem to find the time

The West Of The Moon Writer’s Retreat will help YOU:

One Way Around Obstacles

One Way Around Obstacles

  • Learn practical tools you can use to create with intention, perseverance, focus and clarity
  • Listen deeply to your body to discover your Intentions (the reason behind your creating in the first place)
  • Sculpt time to honor your creative passion
  • Employ specific techniques to develop and to maintain momentum, and to establish a consistent practice
  • Be part of a supportive community of peers that is committed to writing and listening together
  • Time for you. Just you! (each day you’ll get time to disappear if you want . . . to explore New Harmony, or your creative pursuits, or yourself)
  • Remember not just how it feels to play, but how play can benefit your life
  • Recharge

Several workshops will be designed to use writing as an activity to introduce strategies and skills, but writing will not be the intended product of those workshops for anyone who is not a writer, unless that is your intention.

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